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classic/old/traditional hymn words BUT with a new tune!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a hymn tune doesn't really fit with the mood of the lyrics?! A new tune can also help us refocus on the truths we are singing! For this reason many people have attempted to write a new tune for the old/classic/traditional hymn lyrics!  Below are some of my attempts.

If you'd like to use these songs in your church, please report all photocopying and usage to CCLI.

Feel free to share your suggestions and requests for any other hymns you would like to see a new tune written!

Hymn arrangements are free, however, if you'd like to make a donation
to support the ministry of this website, it would be very appreciated!

Lyrics Score Audio demo Cleared for use in: Original song
lead sample full song Oz USA UK
Depth Of Mercy lead yes yes yes original
Take My Life yes yes yes original


To use the arrangements above, the original lyrics need to be out of copyright (ie. in the public domain) in the country where you wish to use the music.  Copyright laws vary greatly.  However, works enter the public domain 70 years after the death of the author in most countries.

You may find this useful:

To help, in the table above I've indicated whether the songs are cleared for use in Australia, America, and the United Kingdom.  
Click here for a summary of the copyright laws in these three areas.

There is, however, copyright in these arrangements.  Please feel free to use these songs in your church! But please report all photocopying and usage to CCLI.
If you have any difficulty reporting your usage to CCLI please let me know.

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